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Hardwood Flooring Maintenance Tips

 A significant role in owning hardwood flooring is protecting your investment. You probably spent quite a little on the hardwood flooring itself, but also on the installation. Every manufacturer can give you an estimate on the anticipated lifetime of hardwood flooring, but, in all honesty, homeowners have a great deal of say in how long a hardwood flooring lasts. To prolong your floor's life, then adhere to the following hardwood flooring maintenance tips:

Primarily, it's essential to be aware of the threats to hardwood flooring.

You will find that most hardwood floors maintenance tips are based around moisture prevention. Moisture poses the biggest threat to hardwood. If water or other liquids seep through the seams and to the core, cupping or crowning may result. Planks could curl around the edges or even expand in the center.

Hardwood flooring technologies has definitely become more advanced through the years, and it's safe to say that hardwood is usually able to withstand moisture better than ever before. However, moisture remains a danger, and you definitely don't want to take your hardwood flooring for granted.

Scratching is another threat. Some hardwood types can withstand scratching better than many others; no matter steps should be taken to prevent scratching. We'll get into those somewhat further along...

Preventative Tips

Place Carpets in areas that Typically experience high foot traffic

The longer foot traffic a hardwood flooring adventures, the faster it will wear down--it is as simple as that. That having been said, it's a fantastic idea to protect areas of high foot traffic. You're able to use area rugs for protection. Area rugs are fantastic for bigger spaces such as living rooms. You also need to look at using a mat in front of your kitchen sink (if your own kitchen floor is hardwood). Essentially, any areas where you or your guests constantly stand or walk can be safeguarded by area rugs.

Clean up any spills as soon as possible

As we mentioned earlier, you do not want moisture to achieve the core of a hardwood plank. Thus, don't leave any clogs without wiping them. Something as simple as spilling a glass of water shouldn't result in a damaged hardwood floor.

Don't slide furniture

To prevent scratching your wood flooring, make certain that you pick up and put down furniture when moving it. Sliding furniture can scratch the ground. Sure, scratches hidden under the sofa won't be noticeable, but the day you decide to rearrange your furniture, all those scrapes will become observable.

Place scratch-resistant pads under all furniture legs

To restrict scratching caused by shifting around furniture, put protective pads under all furniture legs. These include sofas, chairs, tables and TV stands.

Use a sealant

Sealing hardwood floors is highly suggested. A sealant will help safeguard against the two moisture absorption and scratching. It will be another cost, but it'll be well worthwhile for preventing wear and tear. Sealant must be re-applied every 2-3 decades.

Use rugs out of doorways

Try to keep dirt, grass and sand outside. Have your guests wipe their shoes on a door mat prior to entering your home. Another idea is to ask people to remove their shoes outside the door, but doing this is entirely your decision.

Cleaning Tips

Try to sweep daily

Sweeping daily is always among the simplest hardwood flooring maintenance tips. Getting in the habit will keep your floors clean and help you stay away from deep cleaning later on. Daily might be a bit of a stretch, but sweeping a few times every week is a great habit to get into.

Vacuum/Mop once a week

Vacuuming and mopping will keep your hardwood floors free of dust and other contaminants. Make sure your vacuum is set into the wood setting--or even, the bristles may occasionally cause scratching. Also, take care when mopping. You just want to keep the quantity of water coming in contact with your floors to a minimum. Wet-mopping is quite risky for hardwood floors.

Contemplate polishing every month

Polishing your hardwood floors is quite an effective cleaning action to take. Polish cleans the wood entirely, not only the surface.

Do N't steam clean

Just as water poses a threat to hardwood, therefore does vapor/steam. Steam cleaning is risky because the steam covers the whole floor and is often left to soak in the ground. Doing this will certainly cause damage over time.

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We expect these hardwood floors maintenance tips help prolong the duration of your hardwood floor. None of them require much effort; you just have to be disciplined and put into a cleaning routine. When You Have any questions on hardwood flooring, or if you're considering getting a hardwood flooring, give Floor Sanding Tulse Hill a telephone. Please visit our site learn about our solutions and have a look at our blog for more flooring and remodeling tips.


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